About FLISP Subsidy

The word 'FLISP' stands for Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme. As a South African citizen, you can easily qualify for a FLISP subsidy, and become a home owner today!


The FLISP subsidy is a government subsidy to help first-time home buyers in South Africa afford a new home. The FLISP subsidy was first introduced in 1997, to give all South Africans equal opportunity to become a home buyer.


If you want to qualify for a FLISP subsidy, you need the following:

  • Monthly income between R3,501 and R22,000

  • Have children or dependents

  • South African citizen/Resident Permit

  • First time home buyer

Frequently asked questions

How do I know that I qualify for FLISP?

If you meet the following criteria, you are eligible for a FLISP subsidy: - South African Citizen - Have dependants - a spouse or children that rely on my income - Earn a household income between R3,500 - R22,000 per month. - First time home buyer

I don't have a deposit or any money for a house, what can I do?

The FLISP subsidy takes care of your deposit and legal expenses. Depending on your monthly income, the FLISP subsidy can be up to R 120, 000! You will need to get bond approval in order to qualify for the FLISP subsidy.

How do I get a bond?

Based on your income and credit rating, you can pre-qualify for a bond with the bank of your choice. We will help to put you in touch with a bank that will provide you with bond approval for a specific FLISP project.

Where is my new house located?

For now you can choose from 3 developments in Johannesburg: - Soweto - Rosebank - Midvaal (Meyerton) Each development has the same types of units, making it easy to decide.

If I get the FLISP subsidy, do I get the money?

Yes, if you qualify for FLISP you get the money paid straight into your bond account, or towards your deposit and homeloan costs. Please go ahead and complete the application on the 'Apply' page of our website to get started!

Why are there no developments in the Western Cape?

We are working on getting developments in the Western Cape and will notify applicants once these have been approved and accredited.

I have submitted my information. How long does it take to process my application?

Once you have completed your submission, our team will reviewing your information and make sure you qualify for a FLISP subsidy. We will get back to you the moment we have feedback!

Does my credit score matter when applying?

Your FLISP application is dependent on you qualifying for a bond with a bank, so your credit score is very important. If you are struggling with a bad credit history, ask for advice from your bank on how you can improve your rating.