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Apply to receive a FLISP subsidy of up to R121,000.

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You want to own your own place, but don't know where to start.

As a first-time buyer, you know you need to save up but you are struggling to even come up with a deposit.

You feel like you won't ever get a house and you are scared about the future.

You not sure if you qualify for a FLISP subsidy, even though you earn a salary every month.

You've looked everywhere but can't find nice, new apartments in good areas that fit your price range.

You know about the FLISP subsidy and you want to apply, but you can't figure out how it will help you to buy your first home.

Imagine being handed the keys to your brand new home.

Imagine not worrying about paying rent every month anymore.

Imagine the feeling when you and your family move in, and have your first meal together in a place that you own.

You now have a home to leave to your children one day when you pass on.

Imagine the peace of mind knowing you are a home owner, and the future of your family is secured.

Get your FLISP subsidy of up to R121,000.

Buy yourself a brand new home and secure your future.

Put your old problems behind you, and start living your dream life today.

Make sure your family is safe and taken care of, by giving them the best life that you can afford.

Don't worry, there's no risk or obligation, and it's free to apply.

Our 5-Step process to get your FLISP subsidy

1. Apply

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2. Get your Membership

We will open your membership account online and create your profile.

3. Affordability

Test your affordability and see your credit score.

4. Bond Application

Get pre-qualified for a bond from the bank of your choice.

4. Get Approved

Get the help you need to secure your future with an approved FLISP subsidy.